Alternative History (Uchronia) in Participative Writing...

Dear Readers,

I will close gradually all my websites in order to concentrate my energy only in writing my book about New Hansa Volksmarine = a uchronian (Alternative History) that starts the night of 9 November 1989... after that the Wall of Berlin did not fall !

This book is open in Participative Writing meaning that Readers can also become co-Author or even an Hero within the story if they feel involved by this project. Example of Participative Writing : The Captain von Bremen intends to speak ao about the Old Hanseatic League and about the Nazi KDF Leisure Organization in his presentation of a New Social Contract he has to present to the Politburo... if you feel at home in one of those themes, you can join the story by becoming the specialist that von Bremen will introduce to the Politburo to make a dedicated presentation about those themes...

This project will be presented on the Facebook Group NEW HANSA VOLKSMARINE

Contact for collaboration :

NORDPEACE is the codename for our Social & Cultural Trilogy

The Rooted Man plant the grain & take care of the Tree, the Nomad breaks in and eat the fruits... with the help of our "Elites" !

We want Justice !  

Your ideas & proposals are very welcome ! Remember : Soft Power, Long term ! No Violence !

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What is ''HEIMAT'' ? Here explained as ''Vertical Harmony'' !

Heimat, presentend as ''Vertical Harmony'' By Andre-Hans ''Captain'' von Bremen describing also its "Enemy'' : ALL the Worldist dogmatics...

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